2020 December-January News

A letter from newly-elected AmCham President Sarah Williamson

Dear AmCham Members and Friends,

I hope this letter finds you healthy and persevering through the trying times facing us all. 2020 has certainly been a year of unforeseen challenges. While these are not the circumstances that any of us hope for, I am humbled to have been elected to lead our efforts at a time when AmCham’s role has never been more vital.

We are dearly missing the opportunities of face-to-face engagement, networking events and activities that we could previously take for granted. Nonetheless, I am determined to see us continue to create ways to work together, across whatever platforms possible. In this way, over the coming months, we will work to keep the membership informed, support members in difficulty and ensure that lines of communication are clear between the private sector and government.

Moving forward, our priority will be to help ensure that Georgia is ready to take advantage of every possible opportunity as we come out of the global pandemic. In particular, we will need to work harder than ever to keep Georgia “on the radar” of our counterparts abroad.

I continue to believe that the country’s development as a democracy and in forming the world’s view of Georgia as a place to invest are in fragile phases. We must continue to do all we can to encourage investment in Georgia, both foreign and domestic. To do so credibly, we must continue to engage with the government and other stakeholders on issues such as rule of law, domestic democracy, and transparent market-driven economic reforms.

As I take back over the Presidency of AmCham, I want to thank outgoing President Michael Cowgill, outgoing VP Treasurer Irakli Baidashvili and Executive Director George Welton, for their dedication and leadership over the last 4 years. It was truly a pleasure to serve as Vice President with this team and the entire Board. I feel honored to take over from Michael now, as well as to begin working more intensively with George again. Challenges brought on by Covid-19 and all it’s repercussions notwithstanding, our Chamber remains in a healthy, well-organized and well-managed position thanks in no small part to their supreme efforts!

I also want to take this opportunity to both thank our superb outgoing Board Members and congratulate all those on the new Board. As always, the role of the entire Board will be essential. I have been extremely fortunate, over the years, to work with an exceptional group of dedicated and diverse board members. I am happy to see that the new board continues to fit that description. I look forward to working with them

In closing, I thank you all for the faith you have entrusted me with. I will continue to represent AmCham in a manner that ensures our place as the strongest and most respected foreign business association in Georgia, as well as improves our ability to advocate for our members’ collective needs, thereby strengthening our membership and our chamber.


Sarah Williamson
President, American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia
Senior Vice President, UGT Group