2021 December-January Analysis

Orient Logic launches Agile transformation project

Maintaining a solid IT infrastructure, network environment, cybersecurity and ongoing digital transformation processes has been a major challenge for almost every organization in recent times. Orient Logic has been offering technological support to Georgian companies for more than 26 years. Recently, the Orient Logic team has launched Agile transformation project, which will increase the flexibility and efficiency of the company’s structure in the future.

By introducing the new methodology, the company plans to increase employee involvement in ongoing processes across the organization in order to achieve the company’s long-term goals.

Alexander Bagratia, Chief Executive Officer | Orient Logic

The transition to an Agile methodology, in our case, was related to an increased focus on specific sectors operating on the market and developing our services according to those sectors’ needs. We have identified three main directions: banking and finance, government and strategic business development. We have rearranged our human resources according to industry-based technical knowledge. The essence of the Agile transformation is to choose specific sectors in which we have a high level of competence and have our team members focus on them to make the maximum contribution to the development of specific industries.

Otar Tabatadze, Chief Operating Officer | Orient Logic

It was a fairly large-scale transformation that affected every structural unit of the company. In our case, the need for the Agile transformation was largely driven by the demands of the market. Certain business sectors set specific requirements where success requires high competence and a special approach based on the individual requirements of the industry. Now, our sectoral teams are fully embraced with required competencies related to particular businesses. As a result, the communication process has also been greatly simplified and the whole team is working together in a better way.

George Chitaia, Chief Business Development Officer | Orient Logic

The problem, which was very obvious regarding our company, was that despite the highly professional technical staff of the team, the market was not informed about their competencies accordingly. Based on the structural arrangement of the company, the sales and account managers team members had meetings with the customers, brought projects to the company, and then the technical engineers from different departments started working in the back office. According to the Agile methodology, we have created sectoral teams, where sales managers, account managers and technical engineers are united and jointly have communication with our partner organization representatives. During the process, our technology engineers are actively involved, sharing their qualifications, competencies and professional expertise. We do believe that these changes will trigger more efficient working process of the company, which will finally result in many successfully implemented large scale projects.