2022 August-September

Tbilisi joins the breakfast club – where to eat before 9 AM

In previous years, Tbilisi was not a great city for early-risers. While the Georgian metropolis boasts beautiful parks, entrancing nightlife, and plenty to see during the afternoon hours, in the mornings, the streets were often deserted, with many businesses not opening their doors before 11 AM.

This early-morning inactivity also meant that the only places to enjoy breakfast were high-end hotels. Slowly, however, this is changing. A morning walk through Tbilisi today will introduce one to dozens of cafes, each one populated with locals and expats alike beginning work or simply taking the time to start the day off right.

With the rise of cafes has come an abundance of breakfast destinations. Here are just a few to satisfy those early morning cravings.

Photo by Hurma

21 Petre Melikishvili St., Open every day from 9:00 until 22:00
Who says breakfast is only for the morning? While Hurma has a full breakfast menu for those early-risers (read: until 12:00), the restaurant also offers all-day breakfast, allowing visitors to enjoy syrniki (cottage cheese pancakes), omelets and more at any time they desire. Customers can also pick up a homemade fresh juice, smoothie, or lemonade while they wait for their meal.
For those who want a true breakfast experience, however, it is recommended to arrive before noon. That way, one can experience Hurma’s take on a full English breakfast, scrambled eggs with salmon, and all the other breakfast delights that make Hurma a must-visit.

28 Mtskheta St. Open every day from 8:00 until 15:00
There’s truly no better Georgian breakfast than kikliko, a fried bread dish similar to French toast. Unsurprisingly, Vake’s ‘Kikliko’ is one of the best places in the city to try the dish. Opened in 2018, the restaurant offers everything from kiklikos to coffee, and fresh juice to waffles, eggs benedict and goat cheese salads.
This dish is close to t he heart of Georgians, one of the founders explained in an interview with Culinary Backstreets.
“Our grandmothers and mothers would make this for us. It is every kid’s favorite,” said co-founder Tamara Mutata. “Whenever you hear ‘kikliko’ it makes you smile. We want people to be happy here.”
People are, in fact, happy at Kikliko. Every day, content customers can be found sipping on a cappuccino in the restaurant’s small outdoor area or enjoying their meals at one of the interior’s large table settings. While the location is popular, wait times for tables are generally short, meaning you can head over and get your coffee and food soon after arrival. Be sure to say hello to the large orange cat that likes to hang around outside!

Photos by Hello Breakfast

40 Mikheil Zandukeli St. Open every day from 8:00 until 20:00
The latest entrant into the Tbilisi breakfast landscape is Hello Breakfast — and if one needed proof that Tbilisi breakfast has become popular, they needn’t look further than this Vera locale. The restaurant is frequently packed to the brim with guests, allowing visitors to sample its many tasty and Instagram-friendly dishes.
Along with the expected offerings of coffee and juice, Hello Breakfast welcomes visitors with a scrumptious menu that includes matcha pancakes, avocado toast, acai berry superfood smoothie bowls, and more. The restaurant also has several gluten free options, including a range of gluten free bagels.

Photo by Bagelin

5 Luarsab Sharashidze Street
Open Wednesday through Monday
from 9:00 until 17:00

32 Zandukeli St
Open daily from 9:00 until 20:00
Bagel craving not sated by Hello Breakfast? Why not head to not one, but two of Tbilisi’s tasty bagel spots?
Bagelin was one of the originators of the recent Georgian bagel trend, offering customers an incredible spread of bagel varieties that take influence from both the classic New York bagel and the rich culinary history of Georgia. Additionally, visitors to the location, which boasts ample seating room, can pick up a range of other culinary treasures, such as spiced meats, baked goods, local beers, and even frozen bagels that can easily be reheated at home.
Recently, Tbilisi welcomed another bagel destination, this one simply called Bagels. Much like Bagelin, this bagel spot welcomes visitors with a place to sit and enjoy both plain bagels and a menu of sandwiches, naturally accompanied by a delicious cup of coffee.

Photos by Sol

28 Vasil Petriashvili Street, Open daily from 8:00 until 22:00
Sol is an all-day breakfast and cocktail spot that is seeking to redefine Georgian breakfast culture. Opened earlier this year, the trendy restaurant says on its website that “the morning determines the rest of the day,” with SOL starting as a way to “create and develop a Georgian breakfast culture” that encourages people to set the pace for their day the right way.
Their menu does just that. Alongside a range of cocktails perfect for a boozy brunch, guests can enjoy porridges, soups, omelets, smoothie bowls, and more in its cozy interior or out on its spacious patio. Plus, if you’re already awake — but breakfast food isn’t your style — visitors can delight in a spread of delicious sandwiches composed with home-made bread.

Photo by Chaduna

18 Galaktion Tabidze St. Open Tuesday through Sunday, from 9:00 until 23:00, Monday from 9:00 until 15:00
Chaduna says it offers food “full of veggies and experiments” — and a quick visit to this Sololaki destination proves just how true that claim really is. While the restaurant offers snacks and coffee throughout the day, its star dishes are its breakfast items. Come by this cozy locale for everything from shakshuka to quesadillas and a frittata. And if you find your breakfast itching to carry over into the evening, the cafe welcomes afternoon visitors with a selection of local wines, bruschetta, salads, and more.

Photo by Puri Guliani.

Saarbrucken Square, Open daily from 9:00 until midnight
Closing out our breakfast list is Puri Guliani. Housed in a picturesque location on the water near Saarbrucken Square, this upscale eatery is home to a fully customizable egg-based breakfast menu that customers can partake in alongside fresh–baked pastries, including delectable cinnamon rolls and buttery croissants served with seasonal jams. For the less egg-inclined, the restaurant also offers crepes, porridge, and more.